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Michigan Workforce Development Institute Announces Acquisition of Women in Skilled Trades Program

Michigan Business Network
March 3, 2022 6:00 PM


DETROIT, MI - The Michigan Workforce Development Institute (WDI) is proud to announce the partnership and acquisition of the Women in Skilled Trades (WIST) program, which will now operate as an official program of WDI.

The core mission of the WIST program is to promote better lives for women through skilled trades. Their apprenticeship readiness program has helped a great number of Michigan women gain the skills needed to succeed in the predominantly male building trades and construction apprenticeship and journey-worker programs. WDI’s acquisition of the WIST program is a combination of forces for broader impact and further reach across the state of Michigan. 

“When we co-founded the Women in Skilled Trades in 2016 we never imagined the success and growth we’ve seen in just 5 years,” said Carol COOL & Tori MENOLD, Co-Founders of Women in Skilled Trades. “With the amazing staff and community partners at WDI, the Women in Skilled Trades program will be available to women across the state of Michigan, empowering and preparing them to join the building trades and construction industry.”

“WDI’s mission is to combat economic and environmental justice by connecting the unemployed and underemployed with the training and resources necessary to find gainful employment, and that is exactly what WIST does for women,” said Cheryl SANFORD, CEO of WDI. “This is a partnership that made perfect sense, and we predict a bright future with scores of women apprentices and journey-workers.” 

About Michigan Workforce Development Institute
For nearly 40 years, the Michigan Workforce Development Institute has provided services to job seekers and employers throughout the state of Michigan. We have helped thousands of job seekers achieve self-sufficiency by providing training and placement assistance in high-demand occupations. Our demand-driving business services model has helped employers remain competitive by attracting and retaining highly-trained and skilled workers. For more information on the Michigan Workforce Development Institute, click here. 

For more information on the Women in Skilled Trades program, click here. 

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