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ICYMI: Michigan Corners | Zac Clark - "Take Me Out To The BallPark"

Michigan Corners
June 10, 2024 6:30 AM

Lansing Lugnuts

Vic Verchereau welcomes Zac Clark, who is the General Manager for the Lansing Lugnuts.

Hear Zac and Vic discuss baseball, company outings, Beer Fest, and olive burgers in this six-part episode in the podcast below.

Pizza Preference: There's not a slice of pizza I've ever had that I didn't like.

Affordable, memorable and fun!  Take me out to the ballpark and make some memories!  Zac Clark, the General Manager for the Lansing Lugnuts shares his team's talents for creating fun at the ballpark for baseball fans and so much more!  Jackson Stadium in downtown Lansing is the home of the Lansing Lugnuts, but also to one of Mid Michigan's greatest family venues!    

After joining the Lugnuts originally as Assistant General Manager, Sales, Zac moved up to General Manager in January 2023. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Central Michigan University and his master’s degree from East Tennessee State University before entering the baseball world as an intern with the Martinsville Mustangs. Zac has spent a decade in the minor leagues creating many successes and bringing great experience back to his Lansing home market!    Get out your calendar and make your plans for fun!  Zac and his team are ready to help!  Corporate budgets, family reunions and family memories...they do it all down at the corner, the Michigan Corners that is...with Host Vic Verchereau.

There is so much to discover in this edition of Michigan Corners with Vic Verchereau.
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