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Michigan Corners | Megan Swoyer - Celebrate Michigan's Waterfront Living

Michigan Corners
May 24, 2024 2:00 PM

Michigan Blue

Vic Verchereau welcomes Megan Swoyer, who is an Editor of Michigan BLUE magazine.

Hear Megan and Vic discuss Michigan, tourism, nature, and Michigan BLUE magazine in this six-part episode in the podcast below.

Megan Swoyer is the editor of Hour Media’s Michigan BLUE magazine. She has been working with Hour Media for some 16 years on various projects, from editing Detroit Design magazine for 11 years to feature-writing for many of the company’s numerous publications to book-publishing. Her post at BLUE is one of her favorite career positions yet due to her love of the Great Lakes State, beginning when she was an editor at AAA’s Michigan Living magazine and then editor at Crain’s Detroit Monthly magazine. When she’s not writing and editing, Swoyer, based in Troy, is an artist who teaches watercolor painting throughout Michigan.  Vic Verchereau and Megan Swoyer get together on this edition of Michigan Corners to paint a bright story of Michigan's beauty...listen in!

There is so much to discover in this edition of Michigan Corners with Vic Verchereau.
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