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Michigan Business Beat | Ruben Williams & Gabriel Ankamafio Sharing Homechow Food Service with Michigan!

Michigan Business Beat
February 15, 2024 6:00 PM

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Chris Holman welcomes Ruben Williams, MSU Grad project manager, at Homechow - his former company North Star Environmental along with Gabriel Ankamafio CEO at Homechow Food Service, Rochester, NY.

Watch Gabriel, Ruben and Chris discuss the Homechow Food Service what it is, how it works and how folks could own a kiosk in this franchise, in the YouTube video shared below:

In their conversation, Chris looked to find out several things from Gabriel and Ruben;

Tell us a bit about Homechow?

You're introducing a groundbreaking concept to Michigan entrepreneurs?

Passive Revenue with a Hot Twist, tell us about that?

Strategic Placement for On-the-Go Convenience, enlighten us?

Sounds like Affordable Entry into the Hot Meal Franchise, what else should we know?

More details were shared through a release:
Homechow Food Service, the leading provider of freshly made hot food meal-pack vending kiosks, proudly announces its strategic initiative to grow and expand its business through a groundbreaking Non-Operational Franchisee Partnership (NFP).

Homechow, headquartered in Rochester, New York, is renowned for its fresh, hot, ready-to-eat out-of-the-box meal pack self-service.

The company's latest venture into the NFP space marks the introduction of the first-of-its-kind passive revenue-generating food business franchise, offering unprecedented opportunities for individuals to participate in the thriving food industry without the burdens of day-to-day operations.

With Homechow managing the patented kiosk, handling daily meal-pack stocking, maintaining the kiosk units, and overseeing marketing and sales activities, franchisees can enjoy the benefits of ownership without the need for direct involvement in business operations. The NFP owners can conveniently cash out their daily sales electronically through the user-friendly Homechow app.

One of the key advantages of this innovative franchising model is the ability for franchisees to own multiple unit kiosks, enhancing daily passive revenue from strategically placed kiosk units. These units are strategically located in high-traffic areas where customers' daily lives intersect, including office lunchrooms, entertainment centers, schools, hospital dining areas, airports, convenience stores, and various other locations frequented by individuals seeking on-the-go meals.

Homechow Food Service is proud to offer this unparalleled non-operational franchising food kiosk business at an attractive entry cost of $25,000. The company has partnered with Rustwood Capital to provide small business loans to potential franchisees eager to seize the opportunity to own their own food franchise without the usual operational challenges.

"With the current low entry cost and easy access to financing through Rustwood Capital, there's never been a better time to venture into the food industry without the additional headaches associated with business ownership," said Gabriel Ankamafio, CEO at Homechow Food Service.

“With such an excitingly new foodservice franchising model, franchisees will take advantage of owning multiple Homechow's kiosks and that's exactly the reason we're getting in early to provide the financing service to accelerate this for franchisee partners. It is deemed to be one of the best passive income generators . We have had enormous success funding small businesses and growing as they grow. We are excited for what's to come as Homechow scales nationwide.” - Sandeep Singh, CEO of Rustwood Capital

For more information about Homechow Food Service's non-operational franchising opportunities, please visit https://homechow.co/own-a-kiosk or visit the listing on BizBuySell. For inquiries, contact Homechow via email at customer@homechow.co or call at 747-243-7278.
You can see the vending machine in action via the video here: https://youtube.com/shorts/IswRYHLznKA?si=VOLaJt2P8ifYaaco

About Homechow Food Service:
Homechow Food Service is a New York-based company specializing in freshly made hot food meal-pack vending kiosks. With a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, Homechow is revolutionizing the food industry through its unique Non-Operational Franchisee Partnership, providing individuals with the opportunity to own a hot food self-service kiosk franchise without the usual operational challenges.
Learn more at https://homechow.co/.

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