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Michigan Business Beat | Jennifer Johnston, PHP Open Enrollment for Individuals and Families on Now

Michigan Business Network
November 7, 2023 9:00 AM


Chris Holman welcomes back Jennifer Johnston, Director of Sales and Marketing, PHP Michigan, East Lansing, MI.

Watch Jennifer and Chris discuss Physicians Health Plan's busiest time of the year as Open Enrollment for Individuals and Families began at the start of the month and other enrollment periods continue, in the YouTube video shared below: 

Chris and Jennifer review several points in this discussion:

Open Enrollment for individuals and families begins November 1st.

What should we know about Physicians Health Plan?
* Key dates people should know
* Expanded service area (covered in an October 30th release).
* Network expansion
* Benefits (list below)

What benefits do these plans offer their enrollees?
* No referrals
* 24/7 care via Amwell
* Excellent Customer Service
* Healthy Living Discounts
* Wellness Portal

You pushed out a press release a couple months ago regarding an NCQA accreditation covered in an August release, tell us what that means?

Remind listeners again about Medicare Advantage or Medicare prescription drug coverage enrollment period that is open October 15 to December 7th? Is it through a different website, or can these all be linked to from your website?


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