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Michigan Business Beat | Dr. Steven Robinson, Lansing Community College - Targeting Talent Pipeline

Michigan Business Network
March 31, 2023 2:00 PM


Chris Holman welcomes back Dr. Steve Robinson, President, of Lansing Community College, (LCC), Lansing, MI

Watch Dr. Robinson and Chris discuss how Lansing Community College is addressing the talent issue and helping the business community in the YouTube video shared below:

In the conversation, Chris looks to find out several things from president Robinson.

It's been a while since LCC has been on for an interview, could you remind the Michigan business community about your college and its scope of services?

How is LCC a talent pipeline?

What is LCC doing to help solve the "talent issue"?

-- I know you were set to have an annual job and internship fair yesterday, did that happen and if so how did it go?

Can you remind our audience about the efforts of Bo Garcia - Executive Director, of Business & Community Institute?

Are there any upcoming events at your college to highlight?

or something else of value to mention about LCC? 

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