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Michigan Business Beat | Brian Peters - MHA - Michigan Health & Hospital Association Focus on Issues

Michigan Business Network
September 12, 2023 1:00 PM


Chris Holman welcomes back Brian Peters, CEO, of MHA, the Michigan Health & Hospital Association, Lansing, MI.

Watch Brian and Chris discuss several big issues that MHA has recently focused on - on behalf of their association members in the recent month, in the YouTube video shared below:

In this conversation, Chris looked to find out several things from Brian:

Brian, welcome back for our August 2023 discussion, issues in Healthcare and Hospitals don't take a summer's vacation, before we get into my main question today can you give us some MHA highlights? 
Cyberattacks have been on the news a lot lately, particularly for hospitals across the country. How much of this is a threat in Michigan and what are your hospitals doing to prevent these types of attacks? 
We learned there is a new type of hospital out there; a Rural Emergency Hospital. Can you tell us what that is and are there any in Michigan? 
The Legislature returns after Labor Day. What policy items are on the horizon for hospitals? The Governor just had her What’s Next Address with a focus on prescription drug pricing. Is that a priority for the MHA? 
As we wrap up, since we're a business network, we found the Michigan Health Council’s “Healthiest” Healthcare Jobs in Michigan interesting. What has the MHA’s involvement been on healthcare workforce health?
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