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MichAuto | RECAP: 2024 MichAuto on the Island

Michigan Business Network
June 7, 2024 8:00 AM

MichAuto-Tagline-Logo-Wide-Feature-Image-480x161MichAuto spent the last week at the 2024 Mackinac Policy Conference, which began with the annual MichAuto on the Island convening, meant to connect top executives from Michigan's signature industry to discuss the industry's most pressing issues.

View highlights from MichAuto on the Island and the Mackinac Policy Conference below.

Executives and Legislators Address People-Centric Manufacturing and US Competitiveness at 2024 MichAuto on the Island

Industry executives joined legislators from Michigan and Minnesota at the 2024 MichAuto on the Island Executive Roundtable to discuss how manufacturers can foster a people-centric environment in the workplace as well as the state of the country's competitiveness during the industry's transition to an EV ecosystem.

Rep. Pete Stauber (R-MN 8) encouraged attendees as they take what they've heard back to their workplaces saying, “Detroit is the shining city in Michigan. You shouldn’t take a backseat to anybody.”

MichAuto Unveils Broader Statewide Vision and Advocacy Mission

During the first day of the 2024 MichAuto on the Island gathering, MichAuto's Executive Director Glenn Stevens Jr. announced the program's renewed mission and strategic vision to maximize the program's statewide impact, plus a new visual identity. Read the announcement.

Developing Talent for Michigan’s Emerging EV Ecosystem

As the global manufacturing ecosystem transitions from traditional ICE vehicles to EVs, the need for high-tech talent is becoming increasingly urgent, not just in Michigan, but across the globe. This session examined perspectives from industry, academia, and national workforce organizations on developing a qualified workforce to support the electric vehicle ecosystem in Michigan.

Read a session recap.

Detroit Regional Chamber, U-M Announce Innovation Corridor Plan

At a press conference on Thursday morning, Detroit Regional Chamber President and Chief Executive Officer Sandy K. Baruah joined University of Michigan President Santa J. Ono on the porch of the Grand Hotel to announce the new Detroit-to-Ann Arbor innovation corridor, Innovate Michigan. The hope is to retain talent from universities in Michigan and provide funding for innovation and entrepreneurship. Read a recap.

A Conversation With Gina Raimondo

The U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo talked infrastructure, manufacturing, and leveling the playing field to help U.S. companies “out-compete” the world during a moderated conversation with Awenate Cobbina of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation. Read a session recap.

Whitmer Announces Strategic Focus on Automotive and Mobility Innovation, New Chief Innovation Ecosystem Officer 

During her annual keynote, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer announced economic development as her administration’s next strategic focus, directing efforts toward bolstering Michigan’s innovation economy by providing entrepreneurs with access to culture, capital, and creativity. She also announced Michigan's first Chief Innovation Ecosystem Officer, Ben Marchionna. Read a session recap.

Tackling Talent Needs for Michigan Employers

"This year’s graduates graduated in 2024, but they’re going to be retiring from their careers in the year 2074, perhaps. What jobs and careers are going to exist then?” said Michigan State University President Kevin Guskiewicz, “And so, we have to be thinking ahead about what will be needed for that future talent pool, and I think that’s what each of our universities is trying to do right now.” 
Read a session recap.

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