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MICHauto | Insider Highlight for July 2021

Michigan Business Network
July 23, 2021 10:00 AM


MICHauto Shines a Light on Emerging Automotive Professionals

Madison Kielty, marketing analyst for HELLA, is a featured emerging professional in automotive, as part of MICHauto’s Discover Auto: You Drive the Future campaign. Kielty shared with MICHauto her journey to a career in automotive and her top advice for a student considering a career in the industry.

The automotive and mobility industry is evolving as a means of adapting to changing technology and sustainability needs. Retaining and growing strong talent in Michigan is critical as the industry changes, especially as it becomes more high-tech, global, and expansive. Careers in automotive and mobility offer innovative thinking, diverse opportunities, and the ability to impact global issues. Young talent can drive the future and make an impact in a variety of roles, from engineering and design to marketing and social media, and more.

Explore the opportunities available, hear from young automotive professionals and learn how YOU CAN DRIVE THE FUTURE.

Read the conversation and connect with other young automotive professionals participating in MICHauto's talent campaign.

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