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MBN On The Road | Leadership Talk with Matthew Pollard June 12th '24 in REO Town, Lansing, MI

Getting A Grip
June 12, 2024 3:00 PM


Wednesday June 12, 2024, MBN's Jeffrey Mosher hit the road and caught the conclusion of a Leadership Talk, ahead of a Workshop - To be featured in upcoming videos.Watch the concluding 13 minutes of an hour and a half Leadership Talk with Matthew Pollard, the Rapid Growth Guy in the YouTube video shared below:

In this video you catch the conclusion of what was a can’t miss event where the gathering in REO Town heard from Matthew Pollard, the Rapid Growth Guy. You get a glimpse in as Matthew is telling the High Caliber Karting story back to owner Jordan Munsters but in the emotional passionate selling manner. You also get the wrap up of Mr. Pollard’s presentation for this event, the Leadership Talks which preceded a Business Valuation Workshop including Michael Maddox, host of MBN’s ‘Getting A Grip’ from the Cadillac Room Wednesday, June 12th.
In the Business Valuation Workshop, attendees discover the 8 keys to unlocking growth, building a great organization, and achieving clarity in your company's vision.

Led by industry experts Reuben Levinsohn and Nicholas Pope of Washington Avenue Advisors, and joined by Professional EOS Implementer Mike Maddox, this series equips entrepreneurs with the tools to maximize their business's value and prepare for a successful exit. Upcoming videos will share from that part of the day.

Their live workshop series will help you to:
• Understand the 8 drivers of business growth
• Understand the 6 keys to building a truly great organization
• Learn how to achieve a clear company vision
• Instill discipline and accountability throughout the organization
• Roll up your sleeves and confront organizational issues head-on
• Strengthen your business and produce powerful results
Don't let your business stagnate—join us to strengthen your business and produce powerful results!

Who should attend in October if you missed the June event?

Open-minded and growth-oriented owners and leaders of businesses with 10 or more employees, who want to take their company from good to great!

These take place directly after Leadership Talks (like June's with Matthew Pollard).

Reuben Levinsohn and Mike Maddox were hosting workshops focused on helping you grow your business VALUATION, something very few entrepreneurs focus on with intention in their annual and quarterly growth strategies. We’ll also be providing attendees with an opportunity to assess their personal + business ‘Exit Readiness’ and build an action plan from it.     The events on June 12 and October 17 are in person – with amazing speakers!   Breakfast and lunch are provided at these also. 

Registration for the upcoming October event is required:  

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Getting A Grip is focused on helping entrepreneurs end the chaos. Through the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) we highlight ways that business owners can clarify their vision, gain traction, and increase team health. Entrepreneur and Professional EOS Implementor, Mike Maddox, highlights the foundational tools of EOS, shares real world examples, interviews fascinating guests, and will challenge your way of thinking. If you are ready to end the frustration and share a few laughs along the way, listen to Getting A Grip each week.