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MBA President & CEO, Rann Paynter, Receives Crain's Notable LGBTQ in Business

Michigan Business Network
September 7, 2021 4:00 PM

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LANSING, Mich., September 7, 21 - The Michigan Bankers Association (MBA) is pleased to announce that President and CEO, T. Rann Paynter, has been named the 2021 Crain’s Notable LGBTQ in Business. This award celebrates thirty-two LGBTQ professionals in Michigan who are making a major impact through their career accomplishments, their mentorship of others, and their involvement in community and industry organizations.

“I am honored to be included in the 2021 Crain’s Notable LGBTQ in Business,” stated T. Rann Paynter. “For family, friends, and mentors, in the banking industry and beyond who have encouraged and inspired me along the journey, I am most grateful.  It is a privilege to be a part of the Michigan Bankers Association, special appreciation to our team of professionals, our supportive board of directors and engaged membership.” 

Mr. Paynter joined the MBA in 2015 and held leadership positions with state banking associations for nearly 26 years. He is an outstanding leader and has brought forth a wealth of banking association leadership to the MBA. Rann was the executive vice president for the Virginia Bankers Association and held similar leadership roles with the North Carolina Bankers Association. He has deep experience in banking industry issues including active roles with governmental relations, a wide range of complex membership products and services, and a passion for personal membership outreach and communication. He serves on the board of directors of Ozone House and the Board of Trustees of Pfeiffer University. He served as co-chair of the American Bankers Association Grassroots Committee, and chairman of the Graduate School of Banking at Madison, Wisconsin. 


“During this difficult year that has exposed the persistent racial inequities that affect our industry and society at large, Rann has exemplified fearless leadership and tireless advocacy for equity and inclusion within the MBA, the banking industry, and beyond,” stated William B. Kessel, MBA Chairman, and President & CEO, Independent Bank. “It has been inspiring to work with Rann in tackling issues that not only affect banking, but also the diverse intersectional issues we face in our industry and in our day to day lives.” 

“Rann is an essential leader in one of the most conservative industries in our country. He is well respected for his leadership, and he works tirelessly to develop relationships that are impactful. Rann represents how each of us can make progress in this country across a host of barriers - one relationship at a time,” said Kenneth Kelly, Chairman and CEO, First Independence Bank.

Mr. Paynter received his B.S. in business administration from Pfeiffer College and was awarded an MBA from The Kenan-Flagler School of Business at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.”. He is also a graduate of the North Carolina School of Banking and the American Bankers Association School of Bank Marketing and Management.

Congratulations to all those being honored this year by Crain’s. See full list here. 

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