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Major Statewide Poll: Majority of Michiganders Want all Cannabis to be Tested, Tracked and Licensed

Michigan Business Beat
September 17, 2021 11:00 AM


Survey finds Michiganders of all political stripes want to rein in unregulated, unlicensed cannabis

LANSING, Mich. — Two national firms from both sides of the political aisle today released a major statewide poll pertaining to voter attitudes on cannabis licensing, safety, and regulations.

The bipartisan survey, conducted by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research and Public Opinion Strategies, was commissioned by the Michigan Cannabis Manufacturers Association. The landmark statewide survey of likely voters was conducted Aug. 19-23.

“This first-of-its-kind, bipartisan poll makes it clear Michiganders of all political stripes believe patients and adult-use consumers should have access to safe, tested cannabis products,” said Shelly Edgerton, Michigan Cannabis Manufacturers Association Board Chair. “The poll also makes clear Michiganders want all cannabis, whether medical or recreational, to be subject to the same regulations, like testing, tracking, licensing and safety.”

“Michigan is at a crossroads when it comes to cannabis, and this poll tells us Michiganders want increased accountability and transparency in our burgeoning regulated cannabis market,” said Stephen Linder, MCMA Executive Director. “The survey also tells us they want to know where their cannabis comes from, regardless if they purchase it for medical or recreational use.” 

Key findings of the bipartisan, statewide survey include: 

  • 82% support requiring Unlicensed Marijuana Growers (UMGs) who grow for more than one patient to have their product tested for harmful substances using the same standards as current licensed growers and processors.
  • 78% support medical marijuana and recreational marijuana being subject to the same regulation, like testing, tracking, licensing and safety.
  • 71% support requiring UMGs to report where they grow marijuana to the state.
  • 71% support requiring UMGs who grow for more than one patient to obtain a license through the state.
  • 68% support amending the 2008 Medical Marijuana law by adding new regulations for UMGs who grow marijuana for more than one patient.

“Our research found the vast majority of Michiganders want to rein in unlicensed, unregulated and untested cannabis,” said Ethan Smith, pollster for Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research. “It also shows they want the same standards for both medical and adult-use cannabis.” 

“The survey found Michiganders want to enhance accountability in Michigan’s cannabis market, including updating licensing requirements and requiring reporting of where cannabis is grown,” said

Robert Blizzard, pollster for Public Opinion Strategies. “Michiganders believe both requirements should play key roles in helping ensure access to safe, tested cannabis products in every corner of the state.”


The Michigan Cannabis Manufacturers Association is an association of many of the State’s largest Growers, Processors, and Vertically Integrated Cannabis Licensees. All members of the MCMA must be licensed by the Marijuana Regulatory Agency.

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