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K-12 Alliance: Senate’s Vague COVID-19 Spending Bill Appears to Ignore the Needs of Michigan’s Schools & Students

Michigan Business Network
February 10, 2021 11:00 AM


LANSING— The K-12 Alliance of Michigan yesterday released the following statement from Executive Director Robert McCann, in response to the Michigan Senate’s introduction of a COVID-19 relief funding bill that appears to leave significant amounts of federal funding unallocated, further delaying recovery efforts for students across Michigan.

“While Senate leadership has chosen not to release the actual details of their COVID-19 spending package, it appears they are purposely delaying the full appropriation of federal COVID-19 funding that has already been set aside by Congress to make up for lost learning time, improve the safety of our classrooms, and hire tutors to assist our students. Any plan that fails to allocate the full amount of funding intended for Michigan's schools would only hurt our students and leave them further behind their peers in other states. We continue to urge the Governor and legislators to work together to put students before politics so we can tackle the important work of getting our students and schools back on track."


The K-12 Alliance of Michigan is a coalition of education leaders committed to fighting for strong K-12 schools across Michigan. Comprised of Superintendents from every district in Genesee, Macomb, Oakland, St. Clair, and Wayne counties, they are collectively responsible for educating over 580,000 students.

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