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ICYMI: Back to the Bricks® Press Conference This Week Shares 2023 Summer Schedule

A Shunpiker's Journal
April 22, 2023 9:00 AM


April 20th, 2023 - FLINT, MI - Back to the Bricks® is getting tuned up for its returning summer schedule of fun and Main Event in downtown Flint
August 19th, 2023.

The party officially starts the week prior to Main Event Week with Tune Up Week, August 7th to 12th, 2023 a week full of Fun, Cars, and Music that takes over six different communities. Car owners and enthusiasts travel to a different city for each of
the six nights where there is a chance to win one of the coveted FREE Collectors T-Shirts, opportunities to get concessions, eat and shop at local businesses, see the vendors, enjoy live music, and win giveaways each evening.

This year will be no different from the popular week of shows, but Back to the Bricks® is proud to announce a new addition. The Official Sponsor of Tune Up Week is Huntington Bank. When Back to the Bricks® met with Huntington months ago, the first thing that came up was “How can we help and contribute more to the community and the Back to the Bricks® organization?” After much discussion, the partnership unfolded. Huntington’s Flint President, Greg Viener added, “Huntington is thrilled to be part of this event that celebrates Flint’s heritage as the Vehicle City and its role in putting the world on wheels. And Tune Up Week is an especially
good fit for us because of its community focus. Looking out for people and strengthening the communities we serve is why we’re here, so we’re excited and revved up for a great time in August!”

“Partnering with Huntington Bank is exciting for our organization. They LOVE the community and have a passion for Veterans, which we align with. I can’t wait to see this year’s Tune Up Week, the car participants are going to have the chance to win the 250 Collectors Shirts that are given away each night, via Registration and QR Code, but also more.” Said, Amber Taylor, Executive Director of Back to the Bricks®

Chairman of Tune Up Week, Tony Bauer has worked hard with the communities opening their doors for Back to the Bricks® and each city is enthusiastic and ready to host a fun night. Tony said, “We worked during the winter months with local city officials and each city is excited and ready for the influx of cars we will bring during Tune Up Week.” The official schedule for Back to the Bricks Tune-Up Parties includes:

▪ Monday August 7th – Davison at the Hub
▪ Tuesday, August 8th – Flushing A and City Park
▪ Wednesday August 9th – Downtown Linden
▪ Thursday August 10th – Downtown Fenton
▪ Friday August 11th – Birch Run Speedway
▪ Saturday August 12th – Downtown Mt. Morris

Back to the Bricks® partnership with Huntington Bank also includes their sponsorship of the historic Bricks Flicks during Main Event week. For more information on Back to the Bricks® events, visit www.backtothebricks.org

Follow Back to the Bricks® on their FaceBook page and their website http://www.backtothebricks.org to stay informed on all their events.

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