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Hunger Solutions Day brings state together to solve hunger

Michigan Business Network
October 13, 2021 3:00 PM


LANSING, MI – Today, the Food Bank Council of Michigan gathered in downtown Lansing with state legislators, business, and community leaders for Hunger Solutions Day to discuss solutions for ending hunger in Michigan.

In Michigan, 1.3 million people struggle with food insecurity, and 305,190 are children. That means that 1 in 8 people face hunger and 1 in 7 children face hunger. This startling statistic served as the focus for Hunger Solutions Day.

“I am proud to contribute to the collaborative and innovative strategies to bring food security to individuals, families, and communities in need,” said State Representative Angela Witwer, D-Delta Township. “No person or child should wonder where their next meal is coming from. Together, we can help solve this issue.”

The partnership between the Food Bank Council of Michigan and state leaders promotes the development of a collaborative resolution to improve and nourish lives statewide.

“The Food Bank Council is grateful to all who attended today’s collaborative event on ideas to fight food insecurity,” said Dr. Phillip Knight, executive director of the Food Bank Council of Michigan. “In Michigan, 13% of households are struggling to put food on the table, and 14% of children do not know where their next meal will come from. This statistic needs to change. We will continue to fight until food insecurity is no longer prevalent.”

Along with legislators and policymakers, private partnerships also help move Michigan to a food secure state.

For more information on Hunger Solutions Day, visit fbcmich.org.


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