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globalEDGE, the world’s #1 Google-ranked site for “international business resources”

globalEDGE Business Beat
March 10, 2017 3:15 PM


Hosted by Tomas Hult, this segment of the globalEDGE Business Beat is an interview with Tunga Kiyak, Outreach Coordinator in the International Business Center which is a part of the Eli Broad College of Business at Michigan State University. Dr. Kiyak is also Managing Director of the Academy of International Business and an Adjunct Professor in MSU’s Department of Marketing.


Tomas Hult is Professor and Byington Endowed Chair in MSU’s Eli Broad College of Business. The motivation for what now has become globalEDGE (globalEDGE.msu.edu) was conceptualized by Dr. Tunga Kiyak in 1993. The main motivation, then as now, is to provide a human intelligence-based and expert-driven generation and dissemination of international business resources. globalEDGE has been the Google #1 –ranked site for “international business resources” for more than a decade. Since 1994 when the site was launched, globalEDGE has undergone five major site redesigns, roughly every six years. The most recent one was launched in early 2017. Tunga talks about the recent changes and redesign. He also discusses, briefly, the core sections of globalEDGE (i.e., global insights, reference desk, tools and data, get connected, and academy). Plus, importantly, Tunga elaborates on what makes globalEDGE unique and why he thinks the site attracts some 1.5 million active users worldwide.

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globalEDGE Business Beat, hosted by Jade Sims, covers discussions with a wide range of global leaders in business, government, and academe to provide information on the latest thoughts, tools, and markets that are flourishing globally.

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