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Genomenon : 🧬 New Pharma Report Reveals Novel Genetic Implications for All Diseases

Michigan Business Network
August 2, 2021 11:00 AM

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Genomenon has recently published a scientific report on the efficacy of comprehensive Genomic Landscapes for disease and their implications for drug discovery and development within Pharma. The report, entitled Key Findings from the Genomic Landscape for ALS, explores previously unknown insights into pathogenic variants and their functional consequence on disease presentation, backed by evidence to inform:

  • Biomarker identification and validation
  • Inclusion/exclusion criteria for clinical trials
  • Criteria selection for diagnostic tests and support for regulatory submission

Many valuable genomic insights remain hidden under an enormous amount of data. However, AI and computational tools are empowering researchers to identify important biological relationships that would otherwise go unrecognized.

As an AI-driven genomics company, Genomenon spearheads this effort by leveraging billions of genetic associations between diseases, phenotypes, and therapies found across published medical research to deliver comprehensive Genomic Landscapes – within Pharma, these datasets aid discovery by providing profound and actionable insight into the genetic drivers and clinical representation of disease.

Genomenon has produced these novel Genomic Landscapes across many other diseases, including several rare and orphan diseases. Request an exploratory scientific call to discuss how these datasets can benefit your organization.

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About Genomenon

Genomenon is an AI-driven genomics company that organizes the world’s genomic knowledge to connect patient DNA to scientific research in the diagnosis and development of treatments for patients with rare genetic diseases and cancer.

Genomenon was named Global Company of the Year in Clinical Genomics Interpretation by Frost & Sullivan.

For more information, visit Genomenon.com

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