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Finding the Right Space for Your Business | MiGrowthCast

March 8, 2019 11:00 AM

Luke miller

Marketing Manager for Martin Commercial Properties Luke Miller joins Jesse Flores on this episode of MiGrowthCast.

Luke and Jesse first discuss what business owners should be looking for when trying to find the right space for their business. One the biggest components right now is Michigan’s high overhead in commercial real estate. Luke shares with Jesse how Martin Commercial and other available resources can help with assisting patrons in the search.

In the second part of this conversation, Luke and Jesse talk retail malls. Are they dying out or is it a matter of having a mixed marketing strategy? They address this topic with some interesting examples of how retail is staying alive in today’s technology driven world.

Listen in to hear an insightful vantage point from industry experts! 


MiGrowthCast, co-hosted by Jesse Flores and Duke Kimball, provides a fresh, in-depth look at timely technology topics impacting small businesses in Michigan and throughout the US. Specials thanks for the original theme for the show which is written and performed by Lansing artist Blaine & His Keyboard.

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