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Dave Heisey : Crestcom | Increasing Morale and Motivation

Michigan Business Beat
October 7, 2019 10:00 AM

ccMMJeffrey Mosher welcomes Dave Heisey back into the MBN studio. Together they reviewed one of August's modules for Crestcom training.

Dave is President of DRH Enterprises, LLC, Grass Lake, MI, and a Crestcom training facilitator in Michigan. His sessions are currently held in Lansing and Ann Arbor, Michigan.

To hear Dave and Jeffrey discuss ways to improve morale and motivation, click play on the PodCast below.


This month Dave is primarily discussing morale and motivation.

Motivation is about getting people to do what needs to be done because they want to do it. There are five reasons why people don’t do what they are supposed to do:

1).  People don’t know WHAT they are supposed to do - this is a communication problem.  A good leader will ask questions to check for understanding when assignments are given.

2).  People don’t know HOW to do something - this is a training issue.  A good leader will provide training and development opportunities.

3).  People don’t know WHY they should do it - this is a motivation issue.  This is a critical issue for leaders.  It’s very common for the leader to have a good idea of the importance of work activities and assume that the employee has the same ideas.  In many cases, they don’t, and the WHY needs to be shared.  

4).  People CAN’T do the task - this is an ability issue - they lack the required skills.  This is rare, but I’ve been surprised a few times when I gave a task to a senior level employee only to find they had never performed that type of work before.

5).  People WON’T do the task - this is an insubordination issue.  This is a leadership challenge!  But can be handled quickly and efficiently by a skilled leader.

Our featured presenter this month is Mark Sanborn, author of “The Fred Factor - How Passion in Your Work and Life Can Turn the Ordinary into the Extraordinary.  Mark shares 10 ways to increase morale and motivation.  


To learn more about how increasing your team's morale and understanding their motivation listen in for the top 3 in this recording.

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