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Dale Huber | DS HUBER Real Estate Group Filling a Residential Niche in Lansing, MI

Michigan Business Beat
April 17, 2019 2:00 PM

DS Huber

Chris Holman welcomes Dale Huber, Principal, DS Huber Real Estate Group, Lansing, MI, to the MBN studios this week finding out the history of DS Huber Real Estate Group in Lansing. General description of services, and what is next for DS Huber Real Estate Group. 

Dale D & Sara E Huber comprise the principals. Dale holds a real estate Broker’s license and has been a Realtor since 2004. The Hubers bought their first investment property in Lansing in 2004. Both are Michigan natives: Dale was born and raised in northern Michigan and Sara was born and raised in the Greater Lansing area and attended Michigan State University. Since 2003, Dale and Sara have lived in various parts of the Greater Lansing area, including Potterville, Lansing, and Eaton Rapids. 

To hear Dale and Chris's interview click the PodCast below! 

Shared below is more information on Dale, and the company.

Description of Business
The managed portfolio consists of approximately 482 units with approximately 100 units owned by the principals and over 382 units managed for owner clients. Since they have a large number of units they own and place in their management system you can be assured their system is the best and they know how to handle investment properties to maximize your investment.

They currently manage for approximately 161 different property owners with between 1-30 units each. Many of their owners are not local and live in places including Israel, Singapore, California, Wisconsin, Florida, Arizona and many other places. They specialize in the process from start to finish to accommodate their out of town property owners.

They currently manage units in the following areas: Lansing, Meridian Township, Laingsburg, Eagle, Holt, Lansing Township, Bath, Ionia, Pewamo, Lyons, Jackson and Delta Township.They carry a Business Liability Policy with a $1,000,000 limit to cover their management activities and workers comp.

What They Do:
Their residential property management services range anywhere from full service management where you do nothing but receive checks and statements every month to a variety of limited services.

If you have investment funds on which you want to maximize returns but don’t want to deal with tenants, toilets or trash or you have existing units you are tired of dealing with, their full-service management is the way to go. They have you covered from start to finish.

They have an experienced team including:
1. Two team members who are experienced investors who act as their acquisitions team. They put together and analyzes lists of great investment opportunities on a regular basis.
2. An experienced turn coordination team to get new units ready to lease.
3. An experienced full-time marketing agent to find the best residents possible.
4. 4 property managers to act as liaison between their team, owners, and tenants.
5. A very experienced management team to make sure your investment is maximized.

Limited Services. If you are more involved and just need help managing parts of your portfolio, they offer each of the following on an individual basis:
1. “Babysitting” your units during a short-term or long-term absence
2. Resident marketing and selection
3. Investment property location and analysis
4. Coordination of turning a property in preparation for renting
5. Handling maintenance calls

INVESTMENT UNITS: As longtime real estate investors, they specialize in assisting other investors in finding and purchasing investment units in the Greater Lansing area. Their Acquisitions Management team will analyze available deals and help you maximize your investment capital. Regular reports detailing available units are sent to you.

BUYERS’ AGENT: They also have an excellent team to find your next residence: Their full-service, full time agent will help you find a fantastic home in the Greater Lansing area on your schedule.

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