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Business Coach Helps Point Entrepreneurs Toward Business Success

Business Next
August 21, 2017 5:00 PM

george-scott.jpgMichael Rogers profiles business coach and consultant George Scott, owner of Business Consulting Services in mid-Michigan. George understands business – both as a business owner and as a business consultant/business broker. Beginning his double roles in 1983, he has been, and is, able to observe (up close) the internal operations and financial conditions of hundreds of businesses.

Consequently, George has a unique perspective as to why some businesses achieve resounding success while others fail. In addition to the hands-on experience as a business broker, and as an adult learner working full time, George earned a Bachelor of Science degree in 2007 and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in 2009, graduating at the top of his class. Both degrees were earned through SUNY Empire State College (ESC) FORUM WEST management program and its School for Graduate Studies. As a business, management, and economics adjunct college instructor for the SUNY Empire State College’s Center for Distance Learning, George teaches a number of advanced business courses, which include Consumer Behavior, Marketing Principles, Marketing Communications – Advertising and Promotion, Public Relations, and Sales Management. George is a business writer, having written numerous articles about various aspects of owning, operating, and selling a business.

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