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Build Smart, Lead Strong | Rasmus Noraas Bendvold, Steering the Ship at wheel.me US

Build Smart. Lead Strong.
December 18, 2023 4:00 PM

wheel.me logo black RGBIn this fifth episode of the relaunched 'Build Smart, Lead Strong', Elizabeth continues to connect with a dynamic batch of guests. For this portion of the program she speaks with Rasmus Noraas Bendvold, Managing Director US for wheel.me

Hear Rasmus join Elizabeth in this conversation to learn about the world’s first autonomous wheel and how it is bringing fully flexible and automated material handling within reach, in this two-part interview in the SoundCloud PodCast shared below!

For their discussion Elizabeth covered several things with Rasmus;  To keep up with rapidly changing consumer demands, manufacturing floors require continuous innovation and flexibility to keep up. While manufacturing has implemented automation in many areas, material handling remains a holdout. Join this conversation with Rasmus Noraas Bendvold, Managing Director US, from wheel.me, to learn about the world’s first autonomous wheel and how it is bringing fully flexible and automated material handling within reach.

wheel.me: Who are we?
One of the first great inventions of humankind was the wheel. The wheel allowed us to move the immovable, and as a result, it set in motion new ways of thinking. But since its invention, and despite continuous innovation in other areas, the wheel has mostly stayed the same. In 2014, this thought started the adventure that has now become wheel.me. wheel.me created the world's first autonomous wheel, which lets you move everything you are used to moving, only much easier. It can move objects you would never even think you could move. But what we have really set in motion are ideas: ideas about flexible walls, changing room structures, and relocating heavy equipment just by telling it where to go—ideas that move the status quo.

wheel.me offers a pioneering approach to automation by seamlessly converting existing infrastructure into mobile robots, allowing customers to transport any object from A to B to C without human intervention. Our Robotics-as-a-Service model provides access to automation without requiring hefty upfront investments, making automation affordable to anyone. Our self-driving robot, Genius 2, wheel.me helps companies build steady workflows and the efficient movement of goods in diverse environments.

More about  Rasmus Noraas Bendvold, from Norway, is currently steering the ship at wheel.me US as Managing Director. His career path kicked off with a finance degree after which he quickly dove into the exciting world of tech startups. Her joined wheel.me in 2021 and recently moved to Detroit to build the US team and expand wheel.me’s precense and operations across NA and LATAM.Did you like this post? Sign up and we’ll send you more awesome posts like this  every week.

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Build Smart. Lead Strong., hosted by Elizabeth Bernhard, highlights the innovative work being done by Michigan manufacturers. She talks with small manufacturers all across Michigan, in rural communities as well as urban that are building smart and leading strong. Industry experts share how they are supporting small manufacturers to innovate, pivot to capture new opportunities, and stay on a growth path.
Elizabeth also wishes to thank Jennifer Deamud, her predecessor in both the Executive Director's role and for her three years as host of this MBN program.

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