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Bottom Line I.T. with Erik Jacobsen and Mike Maddox

Bottom Line IT
March 12, 2019 11:00 AM


On this podcast episode of Bottom Line I.T. Erik Jacobsen and Mike Maddox talk about the latest in technology news and some best practices including phishing attacks, the MSP market, tech's talent crisis, and the 773 Million Record "Collection #1" Data Breach.

Segment 1

Mike_MaddoxPhishing attacks posing as missed voicemails nab credentials


Watch out for the latest phishing campaign! This one is sending out emails masked as a missed voicemail notification. For those who received voicemail notifications via email, you’re probable familiar with a PBX Message as the subject. However, in the malicious email, is a .EML attachment. From there, they will send you down a rabbit hole of malicious sites that look legitimate.


Segment 2

Which Major Forces Will Disrupt the MSP Market in 2019?


It’s no surprise that MSP market is changing. The industry goes in waves and experiences the same ups and downs as other industries. So, what is on the horizon for 2019? Some are predicting some major changes that may disrupt how traditional MSPs are running their business. One example is security. Customers are depending on MSPs to make sure their network and data are secure. But what happens if it is out of scope, or the MSP simply can’t handle that level of security monitoring?


Erik BLIT PhotoSegment 3

If we want to solve tech's talent crisis, we need to change how we hire


We’ve talked about the tech talent crisis throughout the last six months. It is a real thing and we feel it on our end. ASK is growing – which is incredible! As we grow, we continue to keep a pool of possible new talent to bring on when the need is there. Unfortunately, there is a big gap in the tech talent. This article talks about three different ways to overcome this hurdle – and how to rethink the hiring process.


Segment 4

Outside the classroom: Digital learning may end need for snow days


This may not win over the votes from students, but digital learning may end the need for snow days! Digital learning and online courses are incredibly popular for higher education, but the Illinois State Board of Education is taking advantage of the changes in the law that eliminates a required minimum number of instructional hours. So far, they are receiving positive feedback from parents and the community. Could this be the next phase for all schools?



Segment 5


Now if only we could get our hands on one of these guys! George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia has high-tech robots on campus that will deliver doughnuts, pizza and coffee on demand to students. Students can order pizza from Blaze Pizza and coffee from Starbucks for a minimal fee. Sometimes robots seem so far away still, but with incredible technology like this, it might not be so far away afterall.


ESS-Logo_RGB-3Segment 6 – Bottom Line Security

The 773 Million Record "Collection #1" Data Breach


You may have heard about the Collection #1 Data Breach, but what does it really mean? For many business owners, all this security talk still goes right over our heads. So, let’s break it down. Thankfully, we have Josh Gembala here with us to sort it all out.

Listen in to this very insightful episode of Bottom Line I.T.

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