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Bottom Line I.T. | Real Life Cybersecurity Horror Stories Revealed

Bottom Line IT
October 13, 2020 8:00 AM


Bottom Line I.T. PodCast for October 2020.

You’ve probably heard in the news the many stories of fortune 500 companies, healthcare facilities and retailers that have been hit hard by cyberattacks. You may have even thought “too bad for them” and went about your day thinking that your business couldn’t possibly be a target. The truth is, cybercrime hits businesses of all shapes, sizes, and industries, and when better to talk about real life horror stories, than during Cybersecurity Awareness Month. 

Mike Maddox sits down with three ASK clients (OrbitformSinto America, and Fibre Converters) who have all had different cyberattack experience. He talks with them about the impact it had on their business and why they see the value in having a cybersecurity solution in place.  

Give this six segment episode with Cybersecurity Horror Stories a listen in the podcast below:

Imagine finding out that someone got into your email, mirrored your email signature, and emailed everyone in your contact list…without you knowing. It’s a feeling of violation of privacy for some, but for many, it’s a deep concern of how this hack impacts the business and its reputation. It can happen in a split second and it only takes one time. 

Ryan Stark of Orbitform explains to Mike their rationale for having cybersecurity protection, “It’s never happened to me…Well, I’ve never gotten in a car crash but I still wear a seat belt and I still have air bags because it only takes once.” 

Take a listen to Mike’s conversations on these real life cyber horror stories. 

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