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Bottom Line I.T. | Powering Precision Medicine with Genomics with Mike Klein

Bottom Line IT
July 7, 2020 4:00 PM


Bottom Line I.T.  for early July 2020.

Billions of dollars are spent on medical research every year. However, gaining access to that information is a bit easier said than done.

The word Genomenon means “born out of need” in ancient Greek, which is the perfect way to describe how this company got its start.

Give this six segment episode with Mike and Mike a listen in the podcast shared below:

In this episode of Bottom Line IT, host Mike Maddox of ASK sits down with Mike Klein who is the CEO of Genomenon.

In his clinical practice and genomic research, co-founder Dr. Mark Kiel was frustrated with the lack of direct access to the vast amount of genomic research out there, leaving him to thumb his way through medical white pages and clinical trials populated by a Google search. This process was painfully slow, time-consuming, and prone to error due to the manual curation of research. That’s where Genomenon becomes a complete game-changer.

“We’ve built an expert system that allows us to go in and index the full text of every one of these articles, and pull out the genomic content and all the genomic associations,” Mike explains, “So if you [a patient] have a mutation that’s associated with any disease, any set of symptoms, any drugs that have been used to treat that particular disease....we pool all of that into a search engine and put that information at the fingertips of clinicians and researchers.”

Now, clinicians and researches spend less time performing, vetting, and interpreting research and more time treating patients with rare diseases or cancers.

As their conversation continues, Mike and his guest dig further into Genomenon’s use of innovative technology to connect medical professionals with the information they need and ultimately improve patient outcomes. You can learn more about Genomenon on their website and connect with Mike Klein on LinkedIn.

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