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Bottom Line I.T. Learns about LEAP and PROTO Insurtech

Bottom Line IT
July 3, 2019 2:00 PM

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Bottom Line I.T. with Mike Maddox
Tony Willis (LEAP)

July 2 and July 9, 2019

To hear Mike and Tony along with PROTO Insurtech Companies, click play on the PodCasts shared below:

Segment 1

Mike Maddox sits down with Tony Willis, Director of New Economy Division at LEAP and President of PROTO Accelerator. Mike and Tony discuss how LEAP is utilizing technology to grow their business, what LEAP is doing in the community and programs they have in place to attract new business to the Greater Lansing area.

Learn more about LEAP at http://www.purelansing.com 

Segment 2

IMG_0484 (2)PROTO Accelerator is a startup accelerator that provides physical product and Insurtech startups with the capital, expertise, and accountability required to bring their ideas to market. Mike Maddox sits down with Tony Willis, the President of PROTO Accelerator, to talk about what the program is, who they work with and the impact that this program has had on the participants.

Learn more about PROTO Accelerator at http://www.lansingproto.com 

Segment 3

Mike Maddox talks to Alex Devoto, CeP of LVLFi. LVLFi gamifies customer engagement and customer wellness for the insurance industry via an infrastructure platform of mobile apps and games. The app uses the science of gamification and behavioral economics to encourage insured populations to be more active, which significantly lowers their risk for chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer, in turn lowering their claim rates and therefore costs for health and life insurers.

Learn more about LVLFi at http://www.lvlfi.com/

Segment 4

Mike Maddox talks to Ron Shalit, CEO of Supportomate. Supportomate automates customer interactions to help carriers scale their sales, customer service and claims processing by using a proprietary conversation learning technology. This technology allows Supportomate to pre-build a collection of deep, multi-directional, human-like conversations for every touchpoint a carrier may have with its customers throughout their lifecycle, for every product line.

Learn more about Supportomate at https://www.supportomate.com/

Segment 5

Mike Maddox talks to Tony Willis, Director of New Economy Division at LEAP and President of PROTO Accelerator, about KudosHealth. KudosHealth is a business solution for large employers and insurers so they can engage and support their employees and customers in their own health all year round, incentivizing employees to improve areas of their own health that they want to improve on, so they form long-term healthy habits to the benefit of the employee, the employer and the insurer.

Learn more about KudosHealth at https://kudoshealth.com/

Segment 6

Mike sits down with Tony Willis to discuss LEAP’s upcoming programs, future plans, and updates on Lansing’s economy.

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