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Beyond the Mission - The Business of Nonprofits - COVID Series - Impact on Ele's Place

Beyond the Mission
November 15, 2021 8:00 AM

Eles Place

Vicki Hamilton-Allen covers the topic of COVID-19's Impact with Ele’s Place Director, Kristine Kuhnert. She discusses grieving children and families, especially how they've dealt with the COVID era.

Kristine Kuhnert serves as the Director of Ele's Place-Capital Region. She has been active with Ele’s Place as a volunteer starting in 2006 and began her employment in 2013.

Listen below to Vicki Hamilton-Allen and Kristine Kuhnert discuss family grief and COVID - and how Ele's Place's services have evolved over the past year.

Kristine and her husband, Scott, strongly believe in the mission that no child shall grieve alone and both had witnessed the effects of unresolved childhood grief. In December 2014, Scott was killed by a drunk driver returning from their son’s hockey game. Kristine and her children placed a new hat on and started at Ele’s Place to process their grief. She is passionate about ensuring that all children receive the necessary services to find peace and lead productive lives.

Kristine is a graduate of Michigan State University with a BS in Dietetics. She has worked at Cornell Medical Center in NYC and Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. She has consulted on numerous books on nutrition. She resides in Bath with her three sons, Holden, Maxwell, and Quinn, and her three-legged dog, Ozzie.

In the interview: Vicki Hamilton-Allen talks to Ele’s Place Director, Kristine Kuhnert about grieving children and families. Kuhnert discusses the programs offered to support grieving children through their healing journeys. Like many non-profits, Ele’s Place had to make adjustments to continue operating throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and Kuhnert discusses the impact of the virus on the organization.

  • Eles Place

Beyond the Mission, hosted by Vicki Hamilton-Allen, welcomes friendly discussions with high-caliber guests to explore successful strategies, tactics, and tools being leveraged by some of the largest nonprofit and for-profit organizations in the State of Michigan. Many business practices discussed can be scaled and implemented or leveraged in organizations pursuing missions over profits. Hamilton-Allen seeks to unveil a small gem of interesting personal information about each of her guests too! Topics include business strategies, triple bottom line, corporate social responsibility, and interesting perspectives.

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