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Aeris Whitepaper: How to Scale Your IoT Solution: Best Practices to Follow and Pitfalls to Avoid

Michigan Business Network
February 5, 2021 10:00 AM

Aeris-Brochure__Fusion_IoT_Network_-_N_America_2-pdf-791x1024 CroppedYou’ve got a great connected solution, and now you want to scale. Companies with small-scale or single-country deployments are often surprised to realize their cellular connectivity provider isn’t equipped to scale with them. Managing a few hundred or even a few thousand connected devices is a very different endeavor from managing tens or hundreds of thousands of devices around the world, especially when you have multiple connected products in your portfolio. A great coverage footprint in each of your core geographies is far from sufficient to ensure success. In fact, there are countless other features and capabilities that can either enable you to — or prevent you from — entering new geographies, launching new products on time, or achieving unit economics required for scaling.

In this whitepaper, we offer best practices to follow, and call your attention to the handful of specific capabilities and features to look for as you assess whether your IoT connectivity provider is ready to help you grow your business. 

Key topics are:
- How to simplify operational management as your organization grows more complex;
- How to maintain consistent solution performance and quality of service as you scale your deployment and expand to new geographies.
- How to optimize costs across the entire device lifecycle.
- How to maximize security throughout your supply chain.

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