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100K Ideas Office Hours Innovation Grant - 2024

Michigan Business Network
May 30, 2024 6:15 AM

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Flint, MI, May 2024 – 100K Ideas, with the generous support of the Ruth Mott Foundation, will be awarding ten (10) $1,000 grants to north Flint residents.

Realizing the need for small gap funding for Flint residents, 100K Ideas is relaunching the Office Hours Innovation Grant for the third year in a row. The primary goal of this initiative is to award small grants to local north Flint entrepreneurs, innovators, and small businesses. The grants are designed to help individuals purchase equipment, supplies, and other initial business expenses that may be out of reach without additional financial resources.

“We understand that many early-stage businesses simply need a small amount of capital to launch their idea. Whether it be funding for business cards or to purchase a piece of equipment, at times it can still be a barrier. Providing a small grant, we hope, will close some of those smaller financial gaps that create barriers to entrepreneurship,” said Brandee Cooke-Brown, Executive Director of 100K Ideas.

“Feedback from north Flint residents prioritized support for small businesses as a means to stimulate economic growth. The Ruth Mott Foundation is pleased to partner with 100K Ideas to provide mini grants that help entrepreneurs put their ideas and plans into practice,” said Raquel Thueme, President of the Ruth Mott Foundation.

To be considered eligible for funding, interested applicants need to meet the following criteria:

·         Reside in one of the following zip codes: 48504, 48505, 48506.

·         Have taken your business through the 100K Ideas’ process.

·         Present a clear statement on how you plan to use the funds to move your business forward.

Those who are interested can apply now at https://www.100kideas.org/1000-dollar-grant. For more information, or to learn about starting the 100K Ideas’ process with your idea or business, call 810-213-4720, email hey@100kideas.org, or visit one of the following locations.

·         Dryden Building – Monday - Friday 9am – 5pm

·         LatinX Technology and Community Center – Every Tuesday, 2pm – 5pm

·         Flint Development Center – Every Wednesday, 9am – 1pm

·         Berston Field House – Every Thursday, 9am – 1pm

About 100K Ideas
100K Ideas is a Flint-based nonprofit organization where big thinkers are ushered from napkin-sketch to market. 100K Ideas provides real world experience primarily to college students who help address the unmet needs of inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs and ensure a platform to support economic and workforce development as a driver of empowerment in Flint and for innovators everywhere. To learn more visit: 100kideas.org

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