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$1.5 Million Gift Made to National Burn Organization to Honor Founder’s Passing

Michigan Business Network
December 31, 2020 6:00 PM


The generous donation to Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors will launch major initiatives in 2021 surrounding patient and family care, virtual programming, and peer support

Michigan – Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors, the leading national non-profit dedicated to empowering burn survivors, has announced the receipt of a $1.5 million gift in honor of founder, Alan Breslau (pictured at the bottom). The generous donation is intended to carry his legacy forward and launch several key initiatives in 2021. The gift was made by Tony Gonzalez, Howard Tellepsen, and AlloSource, who have been board members and supporters of the organization for years. With this gift, Phoenix will begin to expand the organization’s patient care, peer support, and virtual programming. This gift also signifies an invitation for key supporters to join them in raising an additional million dollars in cash and pledges.  

“For more than 40 years, Phoenix Society has grown from a single person, Alan Breslau, to an industry-leading organization supporting thousands of burn survivors around the world,” said Amy Acton, CEO of Phoenix Society. “This past month we were heartbroken by the loss of our founder Alan – but will ensure his legacy lives on through our work with burn survivors and their families.” 

This generous gift will launch major initiatives in 2021 and beyond to expand programs virtually, build platforms globally and inform and elevate quality of life – all by increasing access to community, support, and networks. 

“We are proud to support Phoenix Society in their mission to empower anyone affected by a burn injury,” said Thomas Cycyota, CEO of AlloSource. “By providing life-saving skin allografts to help burn survivors in the acute phase of their healing, we are part of their overall journey. Partnering with Phoenix Society helps us stay involved in the entire healing process for this incredible patient community.” 

Phoenix Society will focus on three areas of accelerated advancement built from the organization’s core knowledge, programs, and competencies: 

●      Patient and Family Care Kit + App – Phoenix will create a tangible, immediate, direct connection to supportive resources for survivors. This will entail the development, pilot, and eventual broad deployment of an app-based tool, as well as a care package that includes a variety of helpful resources, stories of hope and branded merchandise and products that meet specific needs.

●      Burn Community Help Center – Phoenix will expand and formalize a comprehensive help source for burn survivors that centralizes requests, provides structured support, real-time response, and resources delivered by trained professionals, 24/7/365.

●      Phoenix Community in Communities – Phoenix will develop, pilot, and deploy a new model for peer support that embeds the delivery and ownership of Phoenix SOAR (Survivors Offering Assistance in Recovery) to respective communities. These communities will be available across the US and led by local peer mentors and partners. 

“The three of us as board members enabling these leadership gifts in honor of Alan will no doubt inspire others,” said Howard Tellepsen, Burn Survivor, and Chairman of Tellepsen Corporation. “The three of us as the past co-chairs of the Never Alone Campaign will continue to set an example of support for this wonderful organization.” 

Phoenix Society is uniquely positioned as the only organization that looks at the entire survivor journey and provides support across all the dimensions of recovery. The organization understands burn injuries and the phases of recovery and is constantly looking to improve and innovate new sources of support. 

“I would like to thank Alan for saving my life in so many ways,” said Tony Gonzalez, Donor and Burn Survivor. “I wouldn’t have survived or been alive without the doctors and family - but I wouldn’t be living without the Phoenix Society and I am living with the Phoenix Society. All of this is because of Alan’s vision – because one man saw the need for this. I feel fulfilled because of him.” 

“Our focus is clear; we are the connector of people with shared experiences, the leading resource for quality information and education, and a trusted authority for all in the burn space,” said Jeff Gallinat, Phoenix Society Board Chair. 

For more information on Phoenix Society’s history, Alan Breslau, and current programs, visit www.phoenix-society.org.  

About Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors
In the U.S., 40,000 people are hospitalized with burn injuries each year.  Burn survivors and their loved ones face a lifelong journey of physical, emotional, and social recovery. Connecting with others who have walked a similar path is essential for optimal recovery and social reintegration. Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors is the leading national non-profit dedicated to empowering burn survivors and their families at all points of recovery. Since 1977, Phoenix Society has worked with survivors, families, healthcare professionals, and first responders to support burn recovery, improve the quality of burn care, and prevent burn injuries. For more information, visit www.phoenix-society.org

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