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Karl Klimek

President of 2 Perspectives: Learning Through Leadership

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Karl Klimek is President of 2 Perspectives: Learning Through Leadership, a Michigan-based education consulting team that supports innovative and relevant teaching in schools. For sixteen years he served as the Executive Director of the Square One Education Network, a non-profit operational foundation that incorporates brain/mind learning theory and practices in schools, focusing on innovative science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) projects. He is lead author of Generative Leadership: Shaping New Futures for Today’s Schools (2008, Corwin Press) and offers leadership coaching and presentations to schools and companies. Having been an elementary principal and an assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction, his latest initiatives include the development of The Arts in Engineering, a K-8 teacher-training project and Celebratory Leadership: A Framework for Shaping School Culture and Enhancing Student Achievement (in conjunction with National Geographic photographer, Dewitt Jones). Most recently, Karl joined the educational team at Orion’sQuest, a non-profit organization providing authentic space-based research for schools. His undergraduate degree is in education from Central Washington University and his master’s is in educational leadership from Eastern Michigan University. For more: www.karlklimek.com

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