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Treetops Resort: Helping Local Communities Through Charity Events

Michigan Business Beat
May 28, 2021 8:00 AM

treetops logoKevin McKinley, Assistant General Manager for Treetops Resort, talks about helping local communities through event fundraising. In the interview, Kevin goes into detail about some of the major charity events at Treetops Resort, the focus of charitable giving, and the impact the event has had over the years.

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Kevin shared that they are now into a great golf season following a great ski season at TreeTops Resort. They are welcoming folks and excited about getting them inside too, for their conference rooms and restaurants. In-person meetings will gradually be on the uptick as we head through the year.} From there they get into the charitable side of the TreeTops Resort 

  • What are the major charity events that you run at Treetops?
  • What is the focus for each in terms of charitable giving?
    • Patriot Day – Military initiatives
    • Pepsi – local initiatives including scholarships for students
  • What has the impact been over the years?
    • Patriot Day – in our 14th year and we’ve donated over $500,000 to military initiatives
    • Pepsi – in our 34th year and we’ve donated over $700,000 to local initiatives
  • Why is charity important to Treetops?
  • How can someone help/participate? New Call-to-action

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