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Unique Art of Tintype Comes Back to Life in Michigan

Show Biz Weekly
May 14, 2018 10:00 AM


Tall, dashingly handsome, and a ginger of a lad, the Lansing based Mr. Steven Glynn has brought a unique art back to life here in Michigan. Circa the 1800’s, his work with “Tintype” photography is elegant and early Americana ectoplasmically reflected onto a tin plate that takes about 30 minutes to process just one image. 

The talented artist has recaptured the process of the work involved with these images of time stood still.You can see for yourself and book Glynn for work in Portraits, Tintype, Brands and more…. 

But speaking of Brands, his work with this art form is brilliant and special. He sees through the image somehow with his art form. Still a reflection, but as if the moment is frozen, but you feel it. Please check out his work at: www.sglynnphoto.com or on Insta, or on the book of Face: @sglynnphoto

You’ll be blown away!

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