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Treetops Resort | Matt Alagna "Come to Treetops for Your Meeting or Group Getaway"

Michigan Business Beat
July 19, 2021 8:00 AM

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Chris Holman speaks with Matt Alagna, Director of Sales, Treetops Resort, Gaylord, MI, to discuss why you and your business associates should “Come to Treetops for your Meeting or Group getaway”
Treetops -- the destination for your post-COVID meetings and conferences.

To hear Matt and Chris discuss this topic, click play on the podcast interview below! 

Matt reviews how Treetops made it through COVID, and how they're excited to emerge from it as well. Treetops Resort is Northern Michigan’s Meeting Resort & Convention Center

Treetops Resort is proud to announce our exclusive audio/visual provider is Oncore AV, beginning April 1st.

Oncore AV’s client relationships span a vast cross-section of corporations, nonprofits, and live events. Size is never a concern when it comes to excellent AV execution - Live Events and Consulting.

Treetops Meeting Deals & Special Offers

Sometimes you just need to get your team out of the office. Meeting resorts can provide the perfect space for a corporate retreat or workshop. A change of scenery can give your crew a fresh perspective on challenging projects, strengthen bonds between colleagues, and kick-start motivation.

The Moving-Your-Business-Forward Conference Center

If you’re organizing a corporate meeting, trade show, or convention, you’ve probably been combing through hotels with banquet rooms and plenty of guest accommodations. The conference centers in Michigan have a lot to offer, but Treetops brings a unique mix of guest amenities, flexible meeting facilities, and natural beauty you won’t find elsewhere. Whether you’re bringing a dozen or a thousand people, Treetops Resort has the facilities you need and the amenities you want.

Activities for Team-Building and Relaxing

Make your corporate event unforgettable by arranging special activities for your teams or departments. All year long, we can schedule a wide range of excursions to get your staff out of meeting rooms and into nature.

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