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Treasury: Detroit Individual Income Tax Return Filing and Payment Deadline May 17

Michigan Business Network
May 4, 2021 5:00 PM


State and Federal Individual Income Tax Deadlines on May 17

LANSING, Mich. – Taxpayers who pay city of Detroit individual income taxes have until May 17 to file their returns or make payments, according to the Michigan Department of Treasury.

On April 22, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed a bi-partisan bill extending city income tax returns. This new law extends the filing deadline for individuals under the City Income Tax Act to match the federal filing deadline, meaning individuals who file a city of Detroit individual income tax return now have until May 17, 2021, to file without incurring penalty or interest.

Individuals who need additional time to file beyond May 17 can request a filing extension until Oct. 15. An extension of time to file does not extend the time to pay the tax.

For additional details, taxpayers are encouraged to read “Update: Notice on the Status of City of Detroit Individual Income Tax Due Date Extended to May 17.”

State and federal individual income tax returns and payments are also due on May 17.

As a part of a partnership to help the city, the state Treasury Department has been processing city of Detroit individual income tax returns since the 2015 tax year.

To learn more about the city of Detroit income taxes, go to www.michigan.gov/citytax.

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