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Top Selling International Business Textbooks

globalEDGE Business Beat
February 5, 2016 4:30 PM

Tomas Hult, globalEDGE Business BeatTomas Hult speaks with Charles Hill, Hughes & Katherine Blake Endowed Professor, in the Foster School of Business at the University of Washington. They talk about Charles leading textbooks in international business – the long version of the text, titled International Business (now in its 11th edition); and the short version titled, Global Business Today (now in its 9th edition).

Tomas Hult was brought on as a co-author for the last editions of both versions, but the focus in this segment is on Professor Hill’s thinking about the uniqueness and market-leadership of the “Hill franchise.” They address issues, such as why Charles Hill thinks his books are the top selling textbooks in the U.S. and worldwide; how these international business textbooks help prepare students to be successful in the global marketplace; and the unique focus of the books on being managerial and very practically relevant for students as they enter the workforce.

globalEDGE Business Beat, hosted by Jade Sims, covers discussions with a wide range of global leaders in business, government, and academe to provide information on the latest thoughts, tools, and markets that are flourishing globally.

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