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Time Management and How to Become an Effective Manager

Michigan Business Beat
December 6, 2018 3:00 PM


Crestcom facilitator and President for DRH Enterprises, LLC Dave Heisey joins MBN’s Jeffrey Mosher to cover time management and how to become a better leader.

If you Google “Time Management”, you’ll find there are 3,110,000,000 articles available. Apparently, there is a lot of information on time management, and a lot of people who are searching for how to get more efficient with their daily activities.

The best advice that I’ve put into practice when it comes to managing time involves three steps: 1). Figure out what is most important in being successful (however you choose to define that)

2). Don’t prioritize your schedule, schedule your priorities. Take those most important things and create time to do them.

3). Learn to say “no” politely to all those distractors who would like you to work on other things.

It’s pretty straightforward, but not necessarily simple to implement. But with practice, practice and more practice, you can create time to work on those most important things that you need to complete to bring success your way.

Listen to full interview with Dave below! 

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