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The Week In Review For July 18th 2016

Week in Review
July 26, 2016 2:00 PM

symbol-95716_640.jpgWeek in Review

The Week in Review for July 18th 2016, a look at business news you may have missed. 


Wall Street Wrap-up

The Dow Jones, and S&P 500 hit some fresh record highs during the week of July 11th. How they and the Nasdaq fared.

The free fall in yields on developed-world government debt is dragging down rates on global bonds broadly, from sovereign debt in Taiwan and Lithuania to corporate bonds in the U.S., as investors fan out further in search of income. 

Records reached last week by major U.S. stock indexes underscore the power of a popular but controversial tool: the corporate share buyback. 

Reports and Announcements

U.S. inflation appears to be firming as housing and medical costs rise while the effects of low energy prices and a strong dollar slowly fade. 

The pace of U.S. consumer borrowing picked up in May as Americans took out more student and auto loans, a sign households are growing increasingly comfortable with more debt. 

Sales at U.S. retailers rose 0.6% in June, led by a surge in spending at home-and-garden centers and online stores.

A Look Around the Nation and the World

Retailers are leasing warehouse space at a record-setting clip, as e-commerce drives companies to locate closer to population centers and keep more products on hand to meet customers’ speedy delivery expectations. 

Restaurant visit growth has completely stalled in the last three months, signaling that consumers, jittery over economic uncertainties, are retrenching. 

Twenty-five years after classifying coffee as a possible carcinogen leading to bladder cancer, the World Health Organization’s cancer research arm has reversed course.

Michigan News

The Michigan-China Innovation Center opened its new office in the 1001 Woodward Building in downtown Detroit.

Michigan insurers participating in the federal Health Insurance Marketplace have asked the state to approve a collective 17.3 percent in rate increases for 2017. 

Michigan's two largest electric utilities are generally solid performers when it comes to their energy efficiency programs, but are in the middle of the pack nationally with their use of renewable energy, a new report shows.   

A Look Ahead

A group of entrepreneurs are revving up efforts to bring to market a new generation of personal transport, the flying car.

Under growing pressure from discounters and online rivals, supermarkets are trying to transform themselves into places where customers might want to hang out rather than just grabbing groceries.

Once the linchpin of American shopping malls, department stores are being displaced by newer types of retailers. Find out why.

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