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The Week In Review 6/20/16

Week in Review
June 24, 2016 2:00 PM

dollar-exchange-rate-544949_1920.jpgWeek in Review

The Week in Review for June 20th, 2016. A look at the business news you may have missed.


Wall Street Wrap-up

The ups and downs for the S&P 500, Dow, and Nasdaq markets June 13-17 The Federal Reserve held short-term interest rates steady and officials lowered projections of how much they’ll raise them in the coming years. What’s behind that shift? MSCI, a widely followed global index provider, said it wasn’t adding China’s local currency shares to its benchmark emerging markets index, a setback for China’s efforts to join international markets.

Reports and Announcements

Where U.S. inflation headed last month and the contributing causes. U.S. retail sales rose solidly in May, the latest evidence of accelerating growth. U.S. industrial output declined last month as manufacturing production fell, highlighting the factory sector’s continued struggles.

A Look Around the Nation and the World

The more than year long slump in prices for raw materials used in construction hasn’t been of much benefit for U.S. builders. Why? The trend of keeping money -- Starbucks accounts. How big data from S&P Global Market Intelligence says it’s become. Last year was the most generous year in America, here’s the details from a report released by the Giving USA Foundation.

Michigan News

As Michigan's real, inflation-adjusted gross domestic product increased by 2.6 percent in the fourth quarter of 2015, where does that rank nationally? Demand for advanced manufacturing workers in Michigan is continuing its upward trend. Southeast MI companies had a slightly off year on the latest Fortune 500 list published Monday, while those elsewhere — particularly West Michigan — saw more advancement.

A Look Ahead

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is poised to designate an all-electric plane concept as its newest, futuristic aircraft in the biggest boost yet for the idea of building airliners that don’t burn fuel. A forecast from Southfield-based IHS Automotive regarding how many fully and semi-autonomous vehicles will be sold globally by 2035 despite legislative and regulation hurdles. And finally counter to what the US chicken industry has spent decades figuring out how to do with fast growing chickens, what’s up with the market of a more natural approach.

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