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The Week In Review 6/13/16

Week in Review
June 17, 2016 1:04 PM


The Week in Review for June 13th 2016, a look at business news you may have missed. 
Wall Street Wrap-up

Hear how the S&P 500, Dow, and Nasdaq faired June 6-10

Americans are back to opening more, and more expensive, home equity lines of credit in the first quarter, Find out why

The latest rebound in oil prices is getting help from an unexpected source: surging demand from Asia’s emerging economies (especially India). Get insight on that current market. 

Reports and Announcements

Consumer credit growth cooled off a bit in April from a torrid pace in March. 

Consumer spending advanced at the fastest pace in nearly seven years in April. 

Driven by lower gas prices, Dearborn-based AAA Michigan said that the national average annual driving costs for an automobile dropped to $8,558, the lowest in six years

 A Look Around the Nation and the World

Hear about how the average American worker is in less danger of losing a job than anytime in modern history. 

Find out how and why the average grocery store carries roughly 50 times as many products as 80 years ago, according to economists.

It isn’t easy to come up with new scientific names. Hear what scientists are going through in connection to the approximately two million of Earth’s animal and plant species with monikers, leaving up to 28 million without
Michigan News

Michigan's three leading research universities contributed more than 11,600 jobs, $10 million in tax payments and $958 million in economic activity to the city of Detroit last year, according to a report announced by The University Research Corridor. 

Michigan’s Talent Gap is also impacted by the Federal H-1B visas and how they’re exhausted in a matter of days. Hear about Michigan’s comparison to the rest of the nation in getting these workers.

The state’s signature Pure Michigan marketing campaign apparently had its best-ever results in 2015. Find out those latest details. 

A Look Ahead

What’s the latest as U.S. officials appear poised to make history by approving the first private space mission to go beyond the earth’s orbit. 

Hear the story of Xavier Vanneste, heir to a dynasty of beer brewers in the medieval city, of Bruges, Belgium, who had a pipe dream.  And how he’s transforming beer shipment.

And finally what Insurers have begun to propose for coverage next year under the 2010 health law, this time around. AND is it a sign about the exchange market? 

Listen below to hear all of the segments!

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Week in Review, hosted by Dr. David Mielke, covers the previous and coming week’s business stories and stock market news while discussing how these events will impact the business world – encouraging you to form opinions on this week’s topics.

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