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The Hill Street Group - As the Weeks Fly By

Michigan Business Network
February 17, 2021 9:00 AM

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Business Communication and Messaging Strategies
for Non-Profits, Start-Ups and Small Businesses
February 2021
The Days Are Long -
The Weeks Fly By
At first we thought the Pandemic would effect our lives for a few weeks and then a few months. Once things settled down, it was clear we were in for a long road. As we hit the 1 year mark, it's still hard to believe. But, we have pivoted, learned new technology and learned to wear two masks when necessary. The good news is down the road. I can see it!
Hopefully, the weeks will fly by until we can see each other.
Pam Lippitt
February Highlights 
  • We continue to shine A Spotlight...2021 Style. We have grown beyond just shining a light on small businesses and look forward to talking with non-profit, security and other leaders about best practices. 
  • Check out my latest blog -Choosing an Effective Agenda Style Gone are the days of the traditional anything!
  • Join me Saturday, Feb 20th on Brenda Meller's LinkedIn Live-A-Thon for Job Seekers. The Live-A-Thon runs from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm (est). I'm speaking about communications in the job search at 11:30. Learn more here, and feel free to share.
  • Pam is now on Clubhouse @pamlippitt. You still need to be on an iOS device. If you need an invitation just ask.
Learn more about the work we do with Non-Profits, Start-Ups and Small Businesses. We can help make you shine in 2021.
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