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The $64,000 Question: Help Your Business with Research Marketing

Marketing Moments
September 30, 2015 11:30 AM

Sales and MarketingConsumer research is the big elephant in the room for any business today. The hot button words are “big data” and “analytics.” So what does a so-called $64,000 Question have to do with that? Simple. The $64,000 Question is a 4-part question that is designed to give you and your management team a big bang for your research buck. Plus, it can be used in any research format with equal effectiveness – survey, focus group, comment card, online survey, or just talking with your customers.

The key to using the $64,000 Question is that it is occasion specific. Why customers are drawn to your business for one thing may be totally different than why they buy something else. Thus, your competition changes. So here are the 4 parts:


In this increasingly competitive business environment, management can’t afford to use shotgun marketing. A successful business will use a laser technique to better aim their offerings and their messages at their customers. With the $64,000 Question, you will have valuable ammunition for profitably hitting your target markets.

Your bottom line with thank you.

Marketing Moments, hosted by Dr. Bonnie Knutson. With her wit and entertaining style, Bonnie, a frequent speaker at business and association meetings takes her perspective and brings it to our broadcast platform. She shares decades of knowledge and brand awareness, and gives us all a new lens on marketing for business.

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