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"Teen Street Skills" Advanced Driving Program

A Shunpiker's Journal
December 18, 2018 3:00 PM

IMG_5900Shunpiker's Journal met up with famous race car driver and racing team owner, Detroit native Robbie Buhl, at a vacant lot in Corktown near the old Michigan Station not long ago for a demonstration of an advanced driving program he and some partners created for teen drivers. His “Teen Street Skills” program spends a whole day teaching skid control, emergency braking, and a variety of skills. Robbie recently moved his racing business to the Corktown neighborhood. Details at www.teenstreetskills.org.

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A Shunpiker's Journal, hosted by Steve Purdy, covers the stories of its host and others who shun the turnpikes and freeways of America to better enjoy the businesses and life that revolve around the automobile.

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