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Survivors and Thrivers: Career and Technology Education Part Three

Education’s Business: Taking Positive Actions
October 5, 2015 3:30 PM

Technology, The William D in Wayne-WestlandSurvivors and Thrivers: Career and Technology Education at “The William D” in Wayne-Westland!

There is much discussion these days about the importance of skilled trades and the role of the Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs in Michigan. In this three part series, Karl interviews three veteran and amazing teachers from the William D. Ford Career Tech Center in the Wayne-Westland Public Schools.

Jim Schirmer (Automotive Technology), Zack McClean (Electronics/Alternative Energy) and JC Irvine (Programming and Gaming Design) share their insights on topics ranging from the public perception of CTE, Employability Skills, curriculum shifts over time and the connections between CTE and Project-based learning. Michigan’s career-tech high schools are amazing assets that have gone through rough times. Hear how this spotlight school has survived and continues to flourish!

More about them can be found by clicking here.

Karl hosts a third segment with Jim Schirmer, Zack McClean, and JC Irvine. They continue to discuss career education, and the things employers look at, such as attendance, at the William D. Ford Career Tech Center in the Wayne-Westland Public Schools. They discuss teamwork and the things students can do in the software development world. Students are involved with building an app program, or a game with another group of students. When students leave the Career Center, they have a portfolio, including digital portfolio online, that showcases their abilities. They conclude the segment discussing the changes and the hottest trends in the industry.

Education's Business: Taking Positive Actions, hosted by Karl Klimek, Exposing and celebrating the successful partnerships between K-12 schools and industry/community partners. Special focus is on Science – Technology – Engineering – Math (STEM) and Career Technical Education (CTE) efforts.

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