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Sugarhouse Aerospace Partners with Michigan Aerospace Manufacturing Association (MAMA)

Michigan Business Network
September 4, 2019 11:00 AM

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August 30, 2019 - Sugarhouse Aerospace, Inc. announces today their partnership with the Michigan Aerospace Manufacturing Association (MAMA). Sterling Heights, Michigan-based MAMA seeks to bring the commercial space boom to Michigan with plans to construct a world-class launch facility for its growing network of member companies. An ongoing partnership with Sugarhouse - a Utah-based, low-cost suborbital launch provider - will bring quick-turn, reliable space access to markets across the Central US while making Michigan a cutting-edge hypersonic research ecosystem for existing and emerging companies.

Gavin Brown"It is our goal to provide a full ecosystem of research, development, manufacturing, and cost value to LEO and hypersonic technology companies here in Michigan. Sugarhouse fits our partner profile for suborbital hypersonic research, and contributing to and enabling the emerging private space industry is a mission shared by Sugarhouse and MAMA" said Gavin Brown, the Association's Executive Director. "We look forward to bringing partners like Sugarhouse forward to demonstrate mutual value to the state's economy and the rapidly growing consumer space sector.

As Sugarhouse Aerospace looks to lower the barrier to space access globally, partnerships with spaceports in previously untapped markets is key to the company's mission. With flight operations based at Spaceport America in Truth or Consequences, NM, the Western half of the United States is Sugarhouse's current primary market. In addition to MAMA's facility, expansion to spaceports in Australia, and South America are planned by 2021.

"Gavin and his team found us, and we're thrilled with what they're doing" said Steve Heller, theSugarhouse Aerospace company's Founder and CEO. "Our goal is global reach, and a network of launch facilities and space ecosystems throughout the US and abroad is what's going to enable it. A spaceport in the Central US unlocks a lot of markets for us, and we look forward to helping MAMA bring their vision into reality."

Sugarhouse's first launch at MAMA's facility is planned for the fall of 2021. The flight is currently being booked - for as low as $500, space and educational institutions throughout the region can accelerate their learning, growth and research and are encouraged to reach out.

Sugarhouse Aerospace, Inc., based in American Fork, UT, aims to democratize access to space through vertically-integrated, low-cost suborbital launch platforms. For as little as $500, customers in the research, education and consumer sectors to whom space was previously inaccessible can loft payloads to an altitude of 125km - and expose them to 5-7 minutes of microgravity time - before electing to deploy in space or return to earth. Consumer-priced access to space can turn good ideas into great ones, enhancing educational opportunities and development of orbital technologies critical to life on earth. For more information, visitsugarhouseaerospace.com or follow us on social media @sugarhouseaerospace.

The Michigan Aerospace Manufacturing Association (MAMA) was founded to promote the aerospace manufacturing industry in the State of Michigan and, in connection therewith, to help shape a favorable legislative and regulatory environment, encourage innovation and productivity, facilitate employment growth, and increase public understanding of the industry and its economic contribution to the State of Michigan. MAMA's Michigan Launch Initiative (MLI) program is developing a spaceport facility for the launch of rockets carrying small & mid-sized satellites into Low Earth Orbit (LEO) from horizontal and vertical platforms and a Command Center to manage post-launch satellite operations.

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