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Sparrow News: Sparrow Eaton Pharmacy Earns Joint Commission Certification

Michigan Business Network
February 15, 2021 2:00 PM


CHARLOTTE, MI – Sparrow Eaton Hospital’s pharmacy has received special certification from The Joint Commission, the nation’s leading accrediting authority for hospitals.

The Medication Compounding Certification means Sparrow Eaton’s Pharmacy Department passed rigid standards that ensure top quality care for patients.

“We are here to put the needs of our patients first and this recognition demonstrates our promise to that approach,” says Helen Johnson, President of Sparrow Eaton Hospital. “This certification allows us to further unify with Sparrow Health System, creating even more alignment between our pharmacy programs.”

The notification followed a comprehensive and detailed survey of the hospital pharmacy and its medication practices.

During the review process, a team of experienced surveyors from The Joint Commission evaluated compliance with hospital standards related to several key areas within the department. Both onsite observations and inspections were made throughout the areas of the hospital that pharmacy supports– including patient charts, prescription mixing, interactions within surgery and med/surg, and much more.

“We couldn’t have been successful without this crew,” says Rhonda Perreault, Sparrow Eaton Hospital Director of Pharmacy. “I think they’re an amazing team, and this certification just proves that.”

“The [Joint Commission] process is a stringent one, but so important. We are so proud to be recognized for this,” says Tiffany Friar, Chief Nursing Officer. “It illuminates not only the organization’s commitment to patient safety but the daily commitment that Rhonda and our pharmacy team makes to ensure that medications always help, and never hurt, our patients.”

The Joint Commission’s hospital standards are developed in consultation with healthcare experts and providers and patients. These standards are based on scientific literature and expert consensus to help hospitals measure, assess, and improve performance.

The Sparrow Eaton Hospital pharmacy is currently for inpatient and caregiver use only. Learn more at www.Sparrow.org/Eaton.


Sparrow Eaton Hospital is a subsidiary of Sparrow Health System. As Mid-Michigan’s premier health care organization, Sparrow includes hospitals in Lansing, Carson City, Charlotte, Ionia and St. Johns, as well as Physicians Health Plan, Sparrow Care Network, Sparrow Medical Group, the Michigan Athletic Club, and AL!VE. Sparrow is affiliated with Michigan Medicine through the Sparrow Children’s Center and with Michigan State University’s three human health colleges. Through these partnerships and the dedication of our 10,000 caregivers, Sparrow pursues a vision to be nationally recognized as a leader in quality and patient experience. For more information, visit Sparrow.org.

Photo captions: The Sparrow Eaton Pharmacy team provides award-winning service.

A Sparrow Eaton Pharmacy caregiver mixes a vaccine as part of their important work for the community.

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