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Sparrow News| South Korean Delegation to Visit Sparrow to Study its Level 1 Trauma Center

Michigan Business Network
October 16, 2018 4:00 PM


South Korean delegation to visit Sparrow to study its Level 1 Trauma Center

Lansing MI - A delegation of trauma Physicians and government officials from South Korea will visit Sparrow as part of a tour of Level 1 trauma centers across the U.S. By some estimates, victims of more than 30 percent of fatal trauma injuries in South Korea last year could have survived with proper treatment.

South Korea has been working to improve its trauma care and turned to MSU’s Visiting International Professional Program (VIPP), which delivers executive education and professional development training to international visitors, and arranged the U.S. tour.

The delegation will meet with Sparrow trauma leaders about how the hospital developed its system,  and then tour the hospital. Sparrow has earned the highest level of trauma center certification. It is mid-Michigan’s only Verified Level 1 Trauma Center for adult and pediatric Patients. 

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