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Sparrow News | HGB Implements New ISparrow Electronic Medical Records System

Michigan Business Network
November 26, 2018 12:00 PM


Image result for Sparrow Forensic Pathology OfficeHGB implements new iSparrow electronic medical records system

Charlotte, Mich. – As part of its transition to becoming Sparrow Eaton Hospital – a Sparrow Health System affiliate in October 2019 – Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital and its provider practices will be upgrading its electronic medical record system on Saturday, Dec. 1. The iSparrow electronic medical records (EMR) system is based on Epic systems technology, the health care industry’s highest-rated EMR.

HGBexteriorweb“The cutting edge technology will enhance patient safety and quality of care,” said HGB President and CEO Matthew Rush. “This is an important next step on our journey toward becoming Sparrow Eaton Hospital.”




HGB is entering the third year of its Sparrow affiliation agreement. Part of the agreement provided for upgrading HGB’s technology in anticipation of becoming part of Sparrow Health System. Additional benefits of the affiliation have included an AL!VE expansion; expanding services, including orthopedic care; and the opening of One Team Family Health in Eaton Rapids, Mich. Currently The Promise Project renovations are underway at HGB, which replace outdated facilities, expand the surgery department and create a more modernized campus.

iSparrow EMR ensures the right information is available to health care providers for every patient every time. When a provider orders a new medication, diagnostic test or procedure, the information is transmitted electronically and will be available in the patient record almost immediately in a safe and secure manner.

Other benefits of the system include test results being sent directly to the patient’s medical chart, and all prescriptions are sent electronically to the pharmacy. Patients will no longer need to repeat insurance information multiple times during a hospitalization. Patients will enjoy the convenience of having one electronic medical record that follows their care.

Currently HGB caregivers are going through extensive training on the new system, while the information technology teams prepare for the transition.

“During the installation of iSparrow, we ask for patients and the community to be patient with our caregivers as they learn how to navigate the system,” said Kevin Neugent, HGB Chief Information Officer. “Some administrative tasks and processes may take longer than normal as our team adjusts to the new technology. Patients will also begin seeing new billing statements for care received in December.”

Part of transitioning to the iSparrow EMR also means a change to the hospital’s billing system. Patients of HGB and the hospital’s provider practices will start to see bills with the Sparrow brand and name beginning with services provided in December. Those services will be billed through Sparrow going forward, and on the statements HGB will be referred to as Sparrow Eaton Hospital.

Another benefit of moving to the iSparrow EMR is that patients will be able to use or sign up for Sparrow’s patient portal, MySparrow, to access their HGB health information. The portal allows patients to schedule appointments, see test results, request prescription refills and connect with their provider from anywhere.

Currently HGB patients have to access two different portals – one for hospital services and one for primary care services. With MySparrow, patients’ health information will be available in one place. Patients will receive information from their provider or in the mail about how to sign up for the MySparrow portal if they don’t already have an account. The HGB portals will no longer be accessible after Friday, Dec. 14.

“This is an exciting and significant change for HGB,” Rush said. “Access to information will be that much more convenient and comprehensive for both our patients and our providers.”

Patients can learn more about the benefits of iSparrowEMR at hgbhealth.com/iSparrowforPatients.

Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital has been the Charlotte community’s choice for health care for 85 years. HGB is committed to working together in health to provide quality care and enhance the vitality of the community. Learn more at www.hgbhealth.com.

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