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SBAM | Pay Close Attention To COBRA Notices

Michigan Business Network
May 24, 2022 7:00 AM

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According to a recent article in the Bloomberg Law eNewsletter, a rising threat of litigation is prompting benefits attorneys to encourage employers to pay closer attention to the details of COBRA notices they provide about how former workers can continue their health coverage. If employers get it wrong, you will be responsible for paying expensive penalty fees.

You can rest easy when you're enrolled in SBAM's COBRA administration. The software we use provides an all-in-one solution to ensure you remain compliant because it includes built-in risk management for federal and state regulation updates.

Our COBRA team can assign custom permission settings and has the ability to track regulatory and system activities. This allows you to run various reports within our COBRA system and have a tracked history of every notice sent, including dates, as well as the ability to view a copy of the actual notice that was delivered.

Your personal COBRA Coordinator sends all necessary letters and notifications, provides you with a monthly activity report and online access to their account, collects premium payments from the COBRA-enrolled beneficiaries, and helps with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network claims. Let our team manage all matters relating to COBRA administration on behalf of your small business – starting at only $35 per month with no initial set-up fees.


Learn more about COBRA administration.
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