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SBAM Annual Meeting Recap

Michigan Business Network
June 30, 2020 2:00 PM

SBAM logo-1Small businesses across Michigan were invited to SBAM's 2020 Annual Meeting!

SBAM's Annual Meeting for the first time went virtual - but this was not your average Zoom meeting! It was a day of some great conversation, important updates, special award presentations and a little fun!

SBAM's CEO Rob Fowler and President Brian Calley served as host for the event, which will feature appearances from:

  • Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, the architect of the Paycheck Protection Program
  • A preview of Nolan Finley & Stephen Henderson's The Civility Project presentation
  • Mackinac Island Public Health Task Force Panelists Chris Shepler (Shepler's Ferry), Liz Ware (Mission Point Resort), Brian Bailey (Pink Pony, Chippewa Hotel, Lilac Tree Suites & Spa) and Tim Hygh of Mackinac Island Tourism


During the event SBAM shared some highlights of our past fiscal year as the gavel was passed from 2019-2020 Board Chair Milan Gandhi to 2020-2021 Board Chair Lorri Rishar.

Panelists Nolan Finley and Stephen Henderson gave us a sneak preview of their Civility Project presentation. We also heard from members of the Mackinac Island Public Health Task Force on the safe reopening of Mackinac Island. Finally Secretary Treasury Steven Mnuchin offered some insight into the Paycheck Protection Program and other small business initiatives.

SBAM awarded David Rhoa with the Richard B. Sanford Lifetime of Advocacy Achievement Award. Four legislators also received honors: Senator Aric Nesbitt, Senator Sylvia Santana and Representative Joe Tate received Small Business Hero honors and Representative Diana Farrington was recognized as our Small Business Legislator of the Year.

If you were unable to watch the entire event, please click on the video above or click here to watch now!

  • sbam-2
  • SBAM CEO Rob Fowler opens the show.
  • SBAM President Brian Calley shows off his personalized mug from a member.
  • Incoming Board Chair Lorri Rishar owns Edge Partnerships in Lansing.
  • Outgoing Board Chair Milan Gandhi owns Med-Share in Southfield.

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